a nesting of whims and sentiments designed by dancer and magic maker Natalie Deryn Johnson


. . . birds and brouhaha . . . 

The Lady Bird, Natalie Deryn Johnson, creator of whimsy(nest)® and sister project doodlebirds®, is a creature of flight living in a world grounded in paper and print. A freelancing dancer in NYC, she spends her spare time discovering birds that "do not exist" and crafting items to spread levity of heart. 

The brand whimsy(nest)® began as a simple sketchbook collection of birds and squares known as doodlebirds®. After playfully sending a few early greeting cards to family and friends, the birds gained popularity and took flight to inspire the souls of strangers. Today, Natalie's nest of making has grown to include tote bags and subject material beyond aviation. This is how whimsy(nest)® came into existence, to give an encompassing home to Natalie's studio creations.  It seems like yesterday these birds and fellow creations were just a nesting of wishes.  Now the nest is open to visitors and greater conversation. Custom designs and requests are welcome. Cheers!

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The postage of good wishes is an art form.